Jamie swallowed a saliva telling the ghost better than expected

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Red Army spit on Sky Sports analyst Jamie Carragher after admitting he was too insulting at Manchester United for failing to tune in to a quick foothold until their last three wins in a row. From the match against Leicester 1-0

Jamie All roads continue to crush the ‘ Red Devils ‘ when they lost the first two games of the 2022-23 season under the reins of Team Erik Ten Hag .  

However, after the ‘ Red Fury ‘ game over Liverpool 2-1  , it was momentum to subdue . Southampton continued to ‘ Fox ‘ until they were at the top of the table ufabet.  

In this phenomenon, ‘ Carra ‘ couldn’t believe the Dutch coach could only make way for matchday #3.

” Man Utd has stepped up to challenge the top four. And whether or not it will be there in the end will be known, ” Carragher commented.  

“ The truth is they recover faster than the people blame on the results of the first matches. ” 

“ Don’t worry about me winning the top four because United deserves that position ! But we are all aware that the competition nowadays is high. Also, the manager position , the team there looks too big , Erik Ten Hag can handle it. ” 

“ That’s the reason why they’ve been hitting the market hard because the quality of the last couple of years of power was really bad. ”

“ People who take it like Martinez , Antoni , Casemiro can immediately become the core of the team. Expensive in all areas of the team. ” 

“ That shows the need and want to keep going. to compete for the  top 4

“ You can never go as far as you were offended by the same strength. But signing a few players can change the status for the better. ”

” That’s what Manchester United are hoping for new faces to come in and do. ” 

United have 6 players, spending 214 million pounds , the most in the English Premier League, this time in second place