How to play gourds crabs fish online

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How to play gourds, crabs, fish online There is a traditional way of playing similar to Sic Bo, because it has arbitrarily played from Sic Bo by how to play the gourd, crab, fish game. That will use 3 dice and have a total of 6 dice. The dice is a variable in each betting round, making each dice payout very diverse. Players can study How to play gourds, crabs, fish online Detailed form at the link to continue the game , gourds, crabs, fish,  use 2 pieces of playing equipment namely.

  • 3 dice, neck and saucer
  • betting board

The game gourd, crab, fish online. There are still many ways to play for new players who are interested in playing should study the water value. Paying rates for gourds, crabs, fish  Be clear before investing with the next section below this article ufabet.

Counting points for gourds, crabs, fish online

Each dice has a different image and each image has its own unique points, which can be classified as follows.

  • Fish (red) equals 1 point.
  • Shrimp (green) is equal to 2 points.
  • Gourd (blue) equals 3 points
  • Tiger (blue) is equal to 4 points.
  • Crab (green) equals 5 points.
  • Chicken (red) equals 6 points.

Water bill/payment rates for gourds, fish, crabs online

payment format gourd, fish, crab online game Able to issue uniquely designed dice in many forms Each dice face or animal has different points, resulting in different  payout rates for gourds, fish, crab  for players who want to study.  Water bill/payment rates for gourds, fish, crab online (Example) can be read at this white link. mainly the main payment rates Gourds, fish, crab online. Get real money.  There are as follows.