Kepa Ball is not announcing his desire to have a wife

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Kepa Arrizabalaga, Chelsea back-up goalkeeper, despite his disappointment from asking to leave in the summer of 2022, but Namthip encourages him to continue to fight with his beautiful girlfriend, Say Yes, receive the ring instead of her heart. The official ceremony of hammering the pole into the hole

The 27 -year -old star player is considered to be a fanatic of love. Used to lose control of work at sea when breaking up with a former girlfriend who had been in a relationship for a long time. until falling out of number one at Stamford Bridge ufabet.

But lately, I saw sparkling eyes because I was in a serious relationship with the young model Andrea Martinez in January, after dating for a while .  

The love tree between the long-stemmed gold With a young woman who has grown up all day and night until Kepa believes that she has found the right person. So announced on social media that he would like to wear the engagement ring on the left ring finger, hold it and wait for it to be the same gold leaf.  

The aging wall of the former Miss Universe Spain 2020 being 3 years older is not a problem.

Partly because of the same sports-loving heart that he used to wear the uniform of the Spanish national team for U  – 15 basketball back in 2006 .

Kepa shared the good news on her personal Instagram in a picture with the caption Thursday night ( local ), ” she said yes. ” 

while the slick-faced model came to comment to guarantee that “ OK ! OK ! OK ! Always love Ai Tao . 

It’s a sweet moment that kills singles. Including calling for congratulations from ex -Chelsea goalkeeper Petr Cech, ex -Met Ross Barkley or West Ham midfielder Pablo Fornals .