Premier League breaks market record for summer 2022

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Sky Sports has released a summary of the English Premier League ‘s 2022 summer transfer market, which has broken the previous record by spending over 20 clubs at a total of more than £1,920 million.

The previous record was set in 2017, the figure total 1,400 million pounds. 

Top-flight clubs have sold players for a total of £ 850 million, equal to £ 1,070 million spent on their own , with just £ 140m spent on players from the English Championship.  

5 teams from the Premier League. There were fewer buy-in figures than they were sold out – one of which include reigning champions Manchester City .  

The reason for daring to shop with huge numbers is because it’s the first summer market after the coronavirus pandemic. Every camp believes that from now on, the situation will only improve in every dimension ufabet.

Another factor that stimulates investment courage is that there. Will be an agreement on new broadcast rights for both domestic. And international broadcasters big income treasure  

The change in club ownership is also the reason for teams like Chelsea and Newcastle to show their ambition. Especially in this travel market for selecting quality football players.

Forest, a newcomer, who has added up to 21 players. Because the previous season was promote because most of the team was borrow. or partially expired need to reconnect the water supply pipe  

Brexit leaving the EU also affects the buy – sell market.

because it means that the Premier League club England cannot sign players from other European continents since the age of 16 as before, having to wait 18 years to complete.