Online card games Pokdeng to measure luck Popular Thai couple card game 

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Pokdeng Online It is a card game that has been with Asians for a long time. The history of the origin is unclear. but now With technology and the modern era. You don’t have to travel to your friend’s house. or casino anymore Just you go to the website Easy to apply for membership Just having one mobile phone is enough, easy to play, can play cards online. really make money Only here!

Pokdeng to measure luck Popular Thai couple card game Online card games. Why Pokdeng Online? 

Because Pok Deng online is a gambling game. Who has been with Thai people for a long time, whether it’s festivals or weekdays, you can enjoy playing Pok Deng every day. The gameplay is that there must be a dealer and a player in order to win the game ufabet. is to have a higher score than the dealer You will be able to get your bets easily.

Pokdeng is fun to play The most popular card game of all time. Easiest point counting game Currently available to play in Pokdeng Online  that can be played with real players around the world for real money The kind that anyone can play immediately. Just you apply through many different websites. Play via mobile, open 24 hours a day, ready to serve you all the time. By the way, playing the folk style that we used to play on a regular basis.

How to play Pok Deng

for play Pokdeng Online Then the team will present a simple step for you to study. Let’s understand together as follows:

  1. Players place bets immediately. The dealer can set a minimum amount. You can choose the game room that suits you, ranging from 5 baht to thousands of baht.
  2. The dealer distributes cards in any direction until everyone has completed, everyone gets 2 cards.
  3. Everyone counts the total points from the 2 cards in their hand.
  4. Any player who hits 8 or 9 must immediately turn over.
  5. If the dealer gets 8 or 9, the dealer will turn his card immediately, everyone in the circle must also turn over.
  6. If in that eye, the dealer does not bounce. The person with low points in the circle can ask for a 3rd card.
  7. The dealer can ask for a third card.
  8. The dealer may or may not call the 3rd card.
  9. Players will stop playing at any time. But have to wait for the end of that turn first.
  10. when you can play as needed can withdraw money immediately