Bernardo reveals Barca never contacted the team

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Manchester City midfielder Bernardo Silva has revealed that it was not a difficult decision to stay at the Etihad Stadium. Adding that Barcelona never made an offer. offers come in

         The Portuguese national team has been linked with “The Boon throws” hard this summer. But there was a problem with money that the famous team from Spain could not pay the fee that the “Sailboat” demanded.

         However, Bernardo revealed that the offer came only once and came from one team. Not from Barca, and had never received an offer from the famous Catalunya ufabet team.

         “It wasn’t a difficult decision,” Bernardo said. “One offer came from one team. no more than that So it’s pretty easy for me and the club. Because the only offer that came in was quite late.”

         “So for the club to find a replacement is not easy. I am happy here as I said and I will do my best.”

         “The truth is that there are no offers from Spain. So I’m in Manchester and I’m happy, that’s it, that’s my choice.”

He remains a key part of Pep Guardiola’s team but. Even though he said he is happy at the club, suggested he may seek out a new challenge in the future.

“I’m from Portugal and my culture is a bit different from your culture off the pitch,” he added.

“I love Manchester and people are really nice here the way they have treated me in the streets, bars, restaurants. It is just a bit different from where I’m from and sometimes you want different things in your life.

“It’s nothing to do with how nice the people are here and how good the football club is here, and how happy I am to be staying.

“I’m staying for this season and if I stay here two or three seasons I’m always going to do my best for this club.”